Google Search Results Ultimate Makeover

Greasemonkey si scripturile sale ar trebui sa beneficieze de o mediatizarea mult mai mare decat in prezent. E pacat ca o extensie cu un asemenea potential ramane doar apanajul celor care stau mai toata ziua cu nasul in stiri si RSS

Google Search Results Ultimate Makeover este un alt exemplu de script care mai devreme sau mai tarziu va fi luat in serios de Google si probail implementat de compania americana, cum s-a intamplat cu multe scripturi de Greasemonkey pentru Gmail.

Ce functii poate avea un simplu script precum Google Search Results Ultimate Makeover?

– Google Suggest
– Two column results*
– Custom coloredSnap Shots Previews*
– Result Numbers
– Custom logo. (Feel free to add your own if you wish)
– Layout change*
– Embeds videos right into the search results. You can easily change the colors of YouTube videos.*
– Re-titles the page to easily identify what you are searching for and the page that you are on.
– Google Search Filter
– Adds PageRank after each link*
– Scans each result with SiteAdvisor
– Add favicons to all links*
– Add a clear button*
– Add sidebar menu*
– Open links in new tab*
– Turns off SafeSearch Automatically

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